JEWELS JOY Crystal double-face necklace

A jewel to make yourself be admired from any perspective view. An intense proposals totally hand-made by crystal: an elegant and original choice for an unforgettable charming night.

Nickel free.

Crystal extension chain: 7 cm / 2.8″.


Crystal double-face necklace


Beautiful Summer Japanese Silk Dress is here

Brand Sarti was born of the marriage of two passions and two lives: the creation of garments and painting. Even as a small girl Adriana Tiron used to love to dream up and make clothes for herself and her friends, ones that could make feel unique and special. For Marco Sartor his artistic expression was always through a canvas and a paint brush. As a result Adriana and Marco created collection of dresses, blouses, scarves and ties and because of their very distinct looks, they never miss people’s attention.

Sarti scarf complements any garment and brings it to a complete look.

This great Italian company makes truly unique, one-of-a-kind garments for women. Once you touch their creation you are in love. We’re offering you an eye-opening experience and are proudly introducing Sarti and let it speak for itself. This gorgeous dress won’t leave your inner self untouched.

Explore Sarti on this page and don’t begrudge it some of your valuable time, it’s well worth it.

beautiful summer Japanese silk dress

This La Rosa beautiful summer Japanese silk dress is an instant classic and as charming  as a dress can be. Made of white material with hand-painted rose design, draped sleeveless dress has a V- neckline and fastening on side. Above-knee length makes you look fashionable, young and sexy!

beautiful summer Japanese silk dress

Magnificent  Papavero. This creation maintains both, a chic and a simple silhouette. Made of Japanese Shantung silk with poppies contours, this beautiful summer dress makes a huge statement.  One has to see it to believe what a beauty Papavero is.

beautiful summer Japanese silk dress

Summery and romantic, called Rinascimento, this beautiful summer  dress made of the finest of the Japanese silk and is ideal for days when you need a touch of sophistication. Adorned with gold ornaments the dress is simply irresistible to look at! Fashionable and glamorous, who can resist you!

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Summer outfits for hot season

We count Nouvelle summer outfits for hot season among the best. Do we have a good reason? Yes!  Because we see, Nouvelle cares!  Customers give its lines of dresses and blouses top ranking. And what makes Nouvelle so different? Firstly, Nouvelle makes its dresses and pants and blouses out of patented material. It’s called washable stretch “Silk95Five”. Secondly, Nouvelle makes them in myriad of great colors. On top of that, Nouvelle carefully curates its luxurious fabrics to ensure longevity.  As a result, the Nouvelle clothing highly ranked among the silk lovers.



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elegant glamorous women shoes

Ol’ Jimmy Women shoes

Elegant glamorous women shoes.  You are in the right place if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that would make your heart throb! Brand Ol’ Jimmy Shoes reflect passion and vision of its founder, Libero Orgiana. After graduation at the Ars Sutoria in Milan Libero entered fashion world, creating models for companies in Marche, Campania and Tuscany. Because of his obvious talent Libero soon started collaboration with top Italian and European designers. That eventually led him to start his own Ol’ Jimmy Shoes brand.

For years Libero Orgiana worked with Gianfranco Ferre, Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and other top-tier masters.  His brand Ol’Jimmy Shoes shines bright amid those stars. Some of his gorgeous designs we present on this page. Vast selection of pumps and sandals and walking shoes has a mind-boggling number of variations. A very special place in his line of shoes holds Bridal collection that we implore you to visit. His shoes feature clean lines of classic styles and bold improvisation in stunning looks. To complement its various shoe lines Ol’ Jimmy Shoes now offering matching handbags and purses that will certainly add to your sexy appearance!

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This is what we call “Elegant glamorous women shoes”!