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By selecting the finest leathers and having a strong focus on details as well as a long-standing loyalty to our artisans, Bevini Modena produces signature high end handbags and accessories of unparalleled quality that are both beautiful and purposeful – current, yet timelessly redefining luxury.

Whether the customer is new to the line or has been faithful to it for many years, Bevini Modena is devoted to sending them its own passage of the soul to the richness and luxury of Italy.

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Bevini Modena and Giovanni Bevini lines are a luxury fashion house formed in Modena Italy in 2004 by Mr. Giovanni Bevini, who acquired his individual skill set and personal aesthetic by learning every aspect of his family’s tanning business since he was very young.

His passion for well thought out design incorporates several key elements – selecting the finest leathers – a strong focus on details – and a long standing loyalty to the artisans he has worked with for many years. All culminate to produce signature high end handbags and accessories of unparalleled quality that are both beautiful and purposeful – current, yet timeless.

The steady, recognized growth of Beveni Modena over the years gave birth to a second line in 2010. Simply called Giovanni Bevini, the emphasis this time was to introduce all of the Bevini Modena qualities into a personal men’s line with an emphasis on clean lines and bold colors. The reaction to the new brand and subsequent success was beyond expectation.

Looking back, the idea that was born in the small town of Modena almost two decades ago is now showcased in the finest stores worldwide and represented by three international offices located in Modena, Italy – Osaka, Japan – and now, the recently opened Bevini Modena Los Angeles.

Being fully dedicated to preserving Italian tradition and the company vision, both Bevini Modena and Giovanni Beveni lines are completely handmade in our Italian atelier and inspired by the distinct beauty of the many Italian cities Giovanni has traveled to. Each piece in the Bevini Modena and Giovanni Beveni lines carry the name of the city that inspired it.  

Whether the customer is new to the lines or has been staunchly faithful for many years, Giovanni Bevini is devoted to providing the customer they’re own passage of the mind to the richness of these journeys, each and every time they wear one of our pieces.

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