Alessandro Vaisini

Finest Quality and no Compromise


Alessandro Vasini Shoes

Inspired by the vibrant lifestyle of Miami and the international Jet-Set, Alessandro’s iconic styling always emphasizes his love for the traveling and Rock’n’Roll couture.
All products are impeccably crafted in Italy with only carefully selected leathers of the finest quality and no compromise.
Designed for the “cool”, they represent the adventurer spirit of the modern women and men.

Nouvelle Palm Beach and Silk95Five

For elegant day or evening occasion

Nouvelle’s stretch Silk95Five fabric was developed exclusively for the brand. It blends just a touch of elastin with pure silk for the ultimate in wear-ability and wash-ability. Sensual and feather-light to the touch, our Silk95Five fabric simply radiates in an assortment of natural and vibrant colors, custom dyed for each season.

There is no better medium for colour than silk and Nouvelle brings and array of rich hues from jewel tones to pastels to exuberant brights. Once the silk is woven and dyedm we oversee the manufacturing process with our longstanding manufacturer, with expertise in silk garments, mostly destined for Italy and France

WHO WE ARE – About Us


The Elegant You is an online retail platform for those who value quality fashion designs. We have found a number of marvelous designers in our travels in the U.S. and abroad and are eager to present them here.

For years we have been in touch with fine craftsmen and artists whose expertise spans multiple generations – fashion houses smaller than Gucci or Chanel that are known in Europe but are not yet well known in America.  Our newly found boutique designers offer the same fine materials and superb craftsmanship as well-known brands and at affordable price.

The Elegant You is our first venture into online retail, but not the first in our online enterprises. Our company began as a U.S. manufacturer representative for a list of companies.  We sold their products wholesale to boutiques and retail chains. As the Internet speed grew, we decided to partner with a number of designers and use the newly invented drop-shipping method of delivering goods to customers.

Our collections ship directly from the designers’ shops.  We do not use “drop-shipping fulfillment centers” or big intermediary distributors whose inventory may include fakes and knock-offs.  (See our Product Authenticity page.)

We represent brands that we are in harmony with and designers we interact with on a personal and business level.  We vouch for their fidelity to the highest standards in fashion design. We invite you to read testimonials from purchasers on our designers’ pages and judge for yourself.  Along with our commitment to Elegance & Style, No Brand Tax is our un-spoken guarantee. We hope you will visit us often.

WHO WE ARE – What We Offer

Our collections are stylish and elegant and exquisitely crafted by world-class artisans. Fashions made from the finest fabrics, they bring a new meaning to timelessness.  We offer chic and trendy accessories that make a powerful statement and add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe.  All of these sophisticated modern looks are shipped directly from the designer’s shop.  We invite you to explore our store and rediscover yourself in the process.

BEVINI MODENA preserving italian tradition

About Bevini Modena

By selecting the finest leathers and having a strong focus on details as well as a long-standing loyalty to our artisans, BeviniModena produces signature high end handbags and accessories of unparalleled quality that are both beautiful and purposeful – current, yet timelessly redefining luxury.

Whether the customer is new to the line or has been faithful to it for many years, BeviniModena is devoted to sending them its own passage of the soul to the richness and luxury of Italy.

Italian Chain Ruga Leather Clutch (B124)

Dollaro Leather & Suede Tote (27005MX)

Dollaro Leather & Suede Tote (27005MX)

Sarti – a passion for silk

SARTI  – a passion for silk

Born of the marriage of two passions and two lives:
the creation of garments and painting.
Even as a small girl Adriana Tiron used to love to dream up and make clothes
for herself and her friends, ones that could make feel unique and special.
For Marco Sartor his artistic expression was always through a canvas and a paint brush.

CAVAS Silver

CAVAS Silver

was established in Arezzo, in the Tuscany area of Italy more than twenty years ago by designer, Paolo Cavatini. The company is known for meticulous care in the selection of materials and for its devotion to the manufacturing process.  Designs by Cavas are made by skilled Italian craftsmen, masters in art of jewelry making. The entire collection is manufactured in Tuscany in the Arezzo facility to ensure the quality of the final product. You may be assured that there is a total absence of nickel in the entirety of the Cavas collection. Cavas Jewelry takes pride in its relationship with its customers and is always open to work with you to produce a line of products according to your own design.