BEVINI MODENA preserving italian tradition

About Bevini Modena

By selecting the finest leathers and having a strong focus on details as well as a long-standing loyalty to our artisans, BeviniModena produces signature high end handbags and accessories of unparalleled quality that are both beautiful and purposeful – current, yet timelessly redefining luxury.

Whether the customer is new to the line or has been faithful to it for many years, BeviniModena is devoted to sending them its own passage of the soul to the richness and luxury of Italy.

CAVAS Silver

CAVAS was established in Arezzo, in the Tuscany area of Italy more than twenty years ago by designer, Paolo Cavatini. The company is known for meticulous care in the selection of materials and for its devotion to the manufacturing process.  Designs by Cavas are made by skilled Italian craftsmen, masters in art of jewelry making. The entire collection is manufactured in Tuscany in the Arezzo facility to ensure the quality of the final product. You may be assured that there is a total absence of nickel in the entirety of the Cavas collection. Cavas Jewelry takes pride in its relationship with its customers and is always open to work with you to produce a line of products according to your own design.

Who we are and what we offer


The Elegant You is an online retail platform for those who value quality fashion designs. We have found a number of marvelous designers in our travels in the U.S. and abroad and are eager to present them here.

We offer highly fashionable, stylish and elegant, exquisitely designed and crafted by the best artisans collections of products for women and men that are chic and trendy. Made for sophisticated modern looks our creations will enhance your life with glamour and fashion. Hand-crafted from best types of leather, cashmere, silk and linen they bring a new meaning to timelessness. Our accessories are unique art forms and powerful statement. We invite you to explore our store and rediscover yourself in process.

We are committed to making online shopping an easy, enjoyable and satisfying experience for those who have a preference for quality and an eye for beauty.

We believe that great design isn’t just about superior craftsmanship and construction, it’s also about how it satisfies a need in one’s life. We take pride in discovering unique designers wherever we travel in the hope that you may discover them for yourselves.  We look for designers who use high quality fabrics, the finest in leather goods, the softest cashmeres and silks, so that when you look good, you feel good, too.  For those who like us who love to travel, we also look for classic fashions with clean lines in fabrics that come flawlessly out of a suitcase and ready for wear.