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CAVAS products are manufactured from only the finest, most advanced materials available on the market. Jewelry designed by Cavas offers the latest fashion trends – Fantasy, Chanel style, and designs with semi-precious stones. The Cavas collection specializes in 925/1000 silver jewelry in an array of  styles – rings of exquisite delicate design, large statement rings, rings with adjustable sizes, earrings, slave bracelets that feature a diamond cut, and other unique styles that showcase the superb craftsmanship that Cavas jewelry is known for.  For the jewelry designer in you, finishes of rhodium, rose gold, brown gold and ruthenium can be ordered in the style of your choice.

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The Elegant You is an online retail platform for those who can tell a great fashion design when they see it. For years we were in touch with the outstanding craftsmen and artists whose experience with creating true masterpieces spans multiple generations. Our Italian partners can bring you just as much joy and admiration as the famous brands would – at a much more reasonable price! 

We avoid representing brands we don’t trust personally and cannot vouch for their fidelity to the highest standards in fashion design.  As our official motto reads Elegance & Style, the No Brand Tax is our unspoken one. If you accept them you are at home here.

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about cavas

CAVAS was established in Arezzo, in the Tuscany area of Italy more than twenty years ago by designer, Paolo Cavatini. The company is known for meticulous care in the selection of materials and for its devotion to the manufacturing process.  Designs by Cavas are made by skilled Italian craftsmen, masters in art of jewelry making. The entire collection is manufactured in Tuscany in the Arezzo facility to ensure the quality of the final product. You may be assured that there is a total absence of nickel in the entirety of the Cavas collection. Cavas Jewelry takes pride in its relationship with its customers and is always open to work with you to produce a line of products according to your own design.

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