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Nouvelle Palm Beach and Silk95Five

For elegant day or evening occasion

Nouvelle’s stretch Silk95Five fabric was developed exclusively for the brand. It blends just a touch of elastin with pure silk for the ultimate in wear-ability and wash-ability. Sensual and feather-light to the touch, our Silk95Five fabric simply radiates in an assortment of natural and vibrant colors, custom dyed for each season.

There is no better medium for colour than silk and Nouvelle brings and array of rich hues from jewel tones to pastels to exuberant brights. Once the silk is woven and dyed we oversee the manufacturing process with our longstanding manufacturer, with expertise in silk garments, mostly destined for Italy and France

Benefits of ‘Silk95Five’

  • Clean and natural silk supports the purpose within our philosophy of
    environmentally friendly fabric
  • Enhancing the beautiful qualities of traditional silk, by adding stretch for comfort
  • Featherlight to the touch and breathable as it cools the body on warm days and offers sustainability
  • Perfect weight to keep the body warm when it gets cooler, for a seamless
    year-round essential
  • Luxurious flowing drape and wrinkle resistant
  • Hypo-allergenic and a negative carbon footprint
  • Silk is the strongest natural fiber known to man
  • Unmatched Moisture wicking component as it is a natural fabric


What is ‘Silk95Five’?

‘Silk95Five,’ the proprietary blend of weaving pure silk with elastane, is a perfect combination to enhance the radiant and featherlight feel of silk, with added benefits of stretch for comfort and easy-to-take-care-of features including at home washing and wrinkle resistance. Our silk is a trademarked, washable stretch ‘Silk95Five’. It blends just a touch of elastane with pure silk for the ultimate in wear-ability. Sensual
and elegant, it radiates in an assortment of natural and vibrant colors, custom dyed for each season. Ideal for those who travel, our silk is made to curb wrinkling and ensure lightweight packing. Read more about silk care

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