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PATTY FARINELLI Luxury Red Dress in Organza and Lace Fabric

Red dress in organza and lace fabric. Artistic detail, roses worked and sewn by hand … Wide and floating skirt. Very rich. French bodice woven in boned lace and laced with gold ribbon.

Information – Atmosphere is New Romantic style.

Dress name: Red Passion by Patty Farinelli, red Carpet international haute couture line.

This dress comes from the imagination of the designer Patty Farinelli, from her creativity who mixes sartorial knowledge with the ability to blend all the materials of this hand-sewn work: such as the applied roses and the red crystals in the bodice. The color is fiery red, the dominant color in every artist’s collection. Fire and passion are the inspiring muses. She dresses a royal and refined woman. Obviously not to go unnoticed … This dress has paraded in the most important appointments of the designer, even on television. This dress also dresses the red carpet stars and actresses of the world … from Los Angeles to Cannes and Venice.

Material used – Organza and lace fabric. Fence and laced lace fabric with gold ribbon

Seasonality – Dress suitable both for the ceremony as a wedding dress, or also as a dress for theater, cinema and grand gala for official receptions or representative events

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