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APOXYLO is a Greek sustainable brand of handcrafted bags and lifestyle accessories, that uses cork and wood, as main materials.

APOXYLO is Greek for “everything that comes from wood”.

APOXYLO designs are classic and timeless handmade accessories, transforming the traditional wood and cork fabric in contemporary items. Our collection line combines with elegance the characteristics of greek olive and zebrano wood with cork, carefully designed with innovation and quality. Above all, we are expecting for you to have a unique quality and an outstanding piece of elegance.

APOXYLO philosophy

We are coming from Greece, a country that produces so many natural products, and our olive trees are one of the most popular and traditional “elements” of Greek culture.  Combining two natural elements, olive wood and natural cork, that also comes from wood (it’s coming from the bark of oak trees) we created unique designs and handcrafted bags.

Apoxylo brand manifests a new fashion idea, with natural products, without any leather or plastic elements, just using natural cork and olive wood. At the beginning, it was the idea of the creation of a handcrafted eco-friendly and sustainable bag, but after all, the new designs that we had, and the variety of the colors of cork fabric, ended up to a whole collection of bags and jewelry.

The world today creates a new philosophy of plastic-free and leather-free products. From recycling to sustainability, we all have to have as a priority the environmental impact and our foot print on planet earth. We believe that slow fashion industry will include only materials that come from Mother Nature, that’s why we used the word Apoxylo for our brand, it means in Greek “everything that comes from wood”.

We envision our ideal customers as  modern women that have high standards for their appearance, and they are not easily pleased with it. Women who want to feel unique, stand out in the crowd. They are active and confident, have strong personality, feel free,  to pick what suits them and they are not “patronised” by trends. Above all, women that are socially and environmentally conscious.

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