All our orders are shipped directly from the designer’s shop or the company warehouse if it stocks merchandize.  We do not use drop-shipping fulfillment centers or big distributors whose inventories may have been compromised with fakes. We also never post fake reviews on our pages as some big retailers are caught on doing.

You may find where our boutique designers are located and where their products are manufactured on each designer’s product page.

Italian media opines

Due to unfair competition and the unlawful exploitation of the “Made in Italy” concept, retailers, wholesalers, and consumers can often find products labeled as Italian made or with Italian sounding or names, colors or logos that have no relationship with a product genuinely designed and manufactured in Italy.

Faked “Italian” products are often supported by criminal or even terroristic organizations recycling money coming from illegal activities.

They are manufactured by companies investing not even a single penny in style research and technology development, employing child or even slave labor, and without respecting any environment-friendly commitment. They just copy the bright ideas and the hard work of many talented Italian stylists and workers.

They jeopardize the business of the Italian companies manufacturing truly Italian products, driving many of them to a shutdown. The result? Less and less European companies able to let consumers to enjoy the unmatched style and quality of genuine Italian products.

Of course, the problem is prevalent and most of the developed countries bear heavy losses from unauthorized use, a theft of the intellectual property of their designers’ elite force.

Consumers and resellers are usually the first victims of counterfeit products. They think to buy an Italian product, but they don’t! They pay for something else than the real thing, something of much lower quality and supporting the illegal market.

In addition, Italian products are such sought-after merchandise, it is frequently stolen and sold illegally in many countries. By purchasing these stolen or fraudulent products, retailers and consumers alike are unknowingly contributing to this crime.