We are open to the idea of partnering with some company that’s willing to become our supplier if its MO allows it to. On this page  we’ll try to give you maximum coverage of all aspects for such a venture.  If showing your products on our website sounds attractive, please, read our answers to the main topics this business entails.

Q & A

Why are we doing this?

Growing a company always easier in partnerships.

If you reading this, you are interested in raising awareness of your designs in United States.  As a Step One we create awareness about you and also about ourselves by placing your catalog at this website.  It will cost you nothing to sign up but for us cooperation is not free.  Creating a catalog for you, a dedicated landing page will take a lot of work. We need to maintain our website, keep it updated and fully operational. To promote our businesses in America we use our dedicated highly qualified professionals. It is a win-win situation when giving you our outlet also helps our own business grow.

Preparing your data for upload

Preparing data files for upload to the website (download pdf)


Warning: it’s a bad idea to ask us to download your images from your website!

We have our own criteria on what’s good for the product depiction at our site.

For transferring graphic files use either of the common file transferring systems: Dropbox, Google Drive, We Transfer etc.

  1. All products should have no less than 3 images shot from different angles, the more the better.

      2. For best depiction on our site, we suggest sending png files with completely removed background or, less desirable, jpeg files with White background.

      3. Best would be to send us original files from the camera. The image file dimensions should be no less than 2040 x 2040 px. The “magnifying” feature          on our website requires graphics files to be this size or larger. Smaller files will result in magnifier failure. Remember, your product perceived as good            as  its image at our pages!


Please, pay close attention to this request: send us your company Logo in its original file. It could be work of your own or a professional graphics designer but it’s already determined by you how to best represent your brand. While we can re-create your logo, spending lots of time, the original logo can be easily attainable.  We’d rather installed your own logo over your presentation page than you later dispute its authenticity with us, looking at our replica.

For the product data, the best would be to have a full Excel or csv file. If you cannot provide them, the information on products should include the following parameters:

  1. ID code, SKU or other code allowing 100% identification of the item
  2. Title of the item you want it to have. We use a system when brand name comes first, then the name of the model and its brief description for the header (H1-H2).
  3. Full description of the item in English
  4. Price in € or $.
  5. If a product has several variations in colors, they all should be provided at the separate sets of images. If colors or size variations have different prices they are too, need to be indicated clearly.


We welcome any press or promo text on your company that would help to introduce you to our visitors. It can be publicity photos, videos, reviews of the actual customers.


If your inventory changes regularly in terms of designs added or removed; prices change; brand name change – we need to know it as soon as the changes occur. The best way to keep us, your retailer, informed would be to establish a direct link between your website administrator and ours. Having two IT-people talking to each other directly ensures our showing your inventory changes fast. All we need is updates in any form your administrator does it.

We are trying to eliminate manual work as much as possible. Once your changes for your website done on the Excel spreadsheet or some other format, your admin can email it to us and both our websites will be showing the same information.

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